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Q: What is senior virgin hair?
Dear, Pls check this link: about senior virgin hair
Q: How to Place/Pay Order?
Dear, Pls click this link: how to order
Q: What is wholesale price list?
Dear, Pls check this link: wholesale price list
Q: What is drop shipping? How to do drop shipping?
Dear, Pls click this link: drop shipping

Q: How to do wholesale?
Dear, Pls click this link: wholesale
Q: If I don’t like, can I get refund? 
Dear, Pls click this link: Return Policy
Q: What is return policy?
Dear, Pls click this link: Return Policy
Q: How can I track my order?
Hey love, pls check this link: how to track order
Q: Minimum Order Quantity?
Hey dear, our minimum order quantity is 1 bundle or 1 piece
Q: How to make Sample Order?
Hey love, you can order through website directly. our website is wholesale price, everyone can enjoy our wholesale price. Firstly you can order 1-3 bundles to test our quality.
Q: If ordering in bulk, can get discounts?
Yes dear, if you order in bulk, we can give you discounts. About price you can text Daisy.
Whatsapp/iMessage: 008615918860648

Q: How to pay with card?
Hey love, we accept paypal, you can add your card to your paypal. Then you can pay through paypal with your card. It is safe and fast. Paypal will protect your payment.

Q: If my paypal payment doesn’t go through, what can I do?
Hey love, pls don’t worry. You can text Daisy and she will send you paypal invoice to pay directly.
Whatsapp/iMessage: 008615918860648

Q: When my orders can be shipped out? How many days will arrive?
Hey dear, after payment, we ship orders via DHL within 48 hours. But Genernally we can ship orders at the same business day if you ordered before noon(Chinese Time GMP+8).
Usually orders can arrive your local about 2-4 business days. 

Q: I want to talk with someone before placing order
Dear, you can text Daisy.
Whatsapp/iMessage: 008615918860648

Q:  How can I cancel my order?
If you decide to cancel your order you can contact Daisy and she will assist you in doing so.
Whatsapp/iMessage: 008615918860648

Q: How many bundles for a full head?  
Hey dear, we suggest you can get 3-4 bundles or 3 bundles with closure/frontal. The hair weighs the same, if you want long length and looks full, you need to use more bundles. And different textures looks different lengths in the same length.

Here are the picture in the length between difference hair Texture.

Q: Why my hair extension getting tangled?
Your hair extension tangle due to dryness, oil & dirt built-up. Salt water, chlorine and not combing wide tooth combout your hair daily.

Make sure to wash & condition your hair at least once a week, twice a week is better. Use olive oil to moisten it smoothly or consult your stylist for more help.

Q: Can this hair be Iron-flat & Curled & Dyed?
Hey dear, our virgin human hair can be dyed and iron-flat, iron flat, please don’t exceed 150ºC otherwise  the hair will be destroyed. Also the hair will come back to its natural wavy after you wash it or iron-flat.
Q: What hair care products can I use?
Hey dear, treating this hair just as it was your own hair. Using good quality shampoo and conditioning products. Conditioning your hair is very important to keep it soft and manageable.

 Recommended shampoo and conditioner: Pantene or Dove
▶ For treatment and everyday use: Olive oil or Argan oil.
Q:Why are my hair extensions getting shedding?

Dear, after the factory workers sew the hair pieces into a bundle, there might be some short pieces that are not attached to the weft, so when you first comb it or wash it, it will go out. That’s not shedding. Comb them out and it will be fine. Besides, the wefts are double drawn machine weft to prevent the shedding, if you have to cut the weft to adjust
The hair volume to install, pls make sure to seal the edges of the wefts so it won’t shed. And never wash or comb the hair with too much strength. It is virgin hair, it needs more of your love to take care of it. If so, it will break off.

Q: How To Measure Our Hair?

Q: Does the hair have the smell?
Hey dear, the hair only dealed with the disinfection and nutrition treatment after collected from donors to keep the hair clean and nutritious, normally there will be a smell of shampoo and oil. But after you washed the hair, then the smell will be gone.

You can always contact us with any questions, we are here to help.
Daisy: Email:
Whatsapp/iMessage: 008615918860648

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