How to Curl a Human Hair Weave with a Flat Iron
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How to Curl a Human Hair Weave with a Flat Iron

Wearing a knit or the best Brazilian hair extensions is a large manner ought add length and volume ought your normal hair. if you're looking ought add some soft, voluminous waves ought your tresses, pains creating curls with a level iron. The process is although ought how you used to curl your normal hair, by clamping the level iron nearly a few belt of hair and rotating it ago passing across the full length of each strand. employ fever protectant spray first and finish off by finger-combing your curls ought arrive beautiful, bouncy curls.

1. Preparing Your Human Hair Weave

1) begin with a straight knit or straight hair extensions. if you dine sham or human hair at your weave, you'll acquire the nicest curl if you begin with smooth, straight strands. begin by having your knit or extensions attached at the roots of your normal hair.
  • If your knit is made from human hair, it to exist safe ought heat-style.
  • If it's synthetic, restrain with the manufacturer ought look if it can cope with heat-styling. fly exposing low-quality sham hair ought a level iron.
  • Make definite the knit is grow consequently you don't danger tugging it out or breaking your normal hair because you manner it.
  • If you're using clip-in hair extensions, you can curl them ago clipping them into your hair if you prefer.

2) seek out your knit ought level out any snags. embrace a handful of hair firmly at the heart ought furnish some resistance ought the seek and ought defend your scalp. seek out the ends of the hair with soft strokes until you've completely detangled it. touch your hand upward and seek out the heart section, pulling the seek ought the ends. finally satisfy up ought the sumit of your weave, being careful no ought scratch above the roots with the comb.
  • Use a wide-tooth seek or paddle brush ought detangle your weave.

3) employ a fever protectant spray ought your human hair weave. Spray a fever protectant down the full length of your normal hair and weave, from the roots ought the ends. This will defend your strands from fever damage.
  • If you're no planning ought curl the roots, there's no shortage ought care about spraying fever protectant shut your roots or crown.

4) assign your hair into 4 ought 6 parts. begin by dividing your hair into a exact and left side. Then wreck each belt into thirds, with a top, middle, and bottom section. employ hair ties or clips ought cause the heart and sumit sections off of your shoulders. hire the bottom sections loose because you'll curl them first.
  • Once you begin fever styling, curl the bottom belt of hair first and career your manner upwards.

2. Creating Curls with a level Iron

1) fever up the level iron ought a medium temperature. employ a level iron with adjustable fever settings. because a cope with of thumb, lay the level iron ought the lowest temperature that will however manufacture curls. A cheap ought medium fever below 340 degrees to suffice.
  • A dish width of 1 ought 1.5 in (2.5 ought 3.8 cm) will give you tighter curls however wider plates, 2 in (5.1 cm) or wider, will arise at looser curls.
  • Ceramic or tourmaline plates are proper because knit hair. linger away from titanium plates which fever up more intensely.

2) drag a 1 in (2.5 cm) strand out from the bottom belt of your hair. Once you've extracted a few belt of hair ought curl, embrace it out with your non-dominant hand. embrace the level iron at your predominant hand because relaxation of use.
  • If this strand is a tiny tangled, employ a wide-tooth seek or paddle brush ought level it out and compose definite full the strands are aligned.
  • Leave the wreck of your hair pinned up and after your shoulder nevertheless you curl this strand.

3) Clamp the level iron nearly a 1 in (2.5 cm) belt of hair. Once the level iron is heated up, shut it nearly too the heart or root of the strand, depending above where you desire the curl ought start.
  • Don't clamp down the level iron also tightly; cause it a tiny loose.

4) rotate the level iron 360 degrees ought wrap your hair nearly it. With the level iron closed nearly your hair, rotate it 180 degrees away from your face. backward this, the hair will wrap nearly the body of the level iron and the ends will exist pointing after you. Then holiday the level iron another 180 degrees consequently that the strand of hair wraps nearly it at a finish loop. finish this rotation at the root or heart of the strand, however during conduct it swiftly ought fly leaving a crease.
  • As you holiday the level iron away from your face, you to also exist rolling it aid above the sumit belt of the strand. Don't begin pulling the level iron down your strand until the hair is entirely wrapped nearly it, otherwise you'll exist left with straightened hair.
  • The ends of your knit will exist pointing towards the front backward this 360-degree rotation.

5) empty and shut the level iron plates because you progress down the strand. Starting at the point where your hair is wrapped nearly the level iron (either the roots or heart belt of your human hair weave), pass the level iron across the full length of the 1 in (2.5 cm) belt of hair until you arrive the end. empty and shut the plates slightly because you go.
  • Don't change the rotation of the level iron because you pass down the length of the strand. The hair to linger wrapped nearly at the identical orientation because the most level curl.
  • Think of the level iron plates because a mouth. It will bite and release your hair because you career down the strand.
  • This open-and-close motion helps you satisfy more smoothly and also protects your knit from also much fever exposure. It's also an simple manner ought fly getting unattractive ridges at your knit from the body of the level iron.
  • Move the level iron out and away from your appearance because you conduct this, ought aspect the curl away from your face.

6) release the curl and permit it cool completely. Once you arrive the aim of the first 1 in (2.5 cm) section, empty the level iron ought release the curl. lay it after your shoulder ought permit it cool completely.
  • Don't pains fluffing it up or finger-combing your curled knit yet. nevertheless it's however warm, the curl is however setting.

7) outline curling strands from the bottom, middle, and sumit sections. elect up another 1 in (2.5 cm) strand of hair ought curl from the bottom belt of your weave. quote the identical process until you finish the bottom layer above one aspect of your head. Then, satisfy ought the bottom layer above the opposite side. outline by curling the heart belt above both sides, ago adding curls ought the sumit section.
  • Allow full of the curls ought cool ago manipulating them.
  • Once full of your hair is curled and cooled, feel release ought elect up few sections and run them across the level iron again ought create a more defined curl.

8) rotate your level iron at the identical order or pains alternating directions. if you desire full of your curls ought bow away from your face, because a sleek, more symmetrical look, employ the identical order each time you rotate the level iron nearly your strands. Or you can mixture it up and alternate directions ought create a choppier manner with more volume and variety.
  • For curls twisting away from your face, rotate the level iron clockwise when curling the exact aspect and counterclockwise when curling the left. The conception is ought holiday the level iron away from you, towards the aid wall.

3. Styling Your Curls

1) seek out the curls with your fingers ought divide them. because curls add dimension and volume ought your weave, you'll desire ought divide them. run your fingers down from the root ought the ends ought loosen up each curl and wreck up the tight ringlets.
  • Pass a wide-toothed seek or a soft bristle brush above your curls ought create soft, handsome waves.

2) give shorter layers and bangs a smooth, flicked-out rgeister with the level iron. employ the level iron ought give shorter strands a bouncy flick that fits with the longer curls below. ought conduct this, elect up a 1 in (2.5 cm) belt of hair from your bangs or shorter sumit layer of hair. First, drag the level iron smoothly across the strand ought remove any frizz or kinks. Then rotate the level iron 180 degrees away from your appearance because you arrive the aim of the strand.
  • If your normal hair is shorter than your knit or extensions, you force no desire ought curl these shorter strands completely.

3) Wrap each curl nearly a flexi-rod nevertheless it cools because longer-lasting curls. if you desire ought cause your curls a tiny tighter and more defined because a longer ripen of time, cause them at the regeister of the curl nevertheless they cool down. Once you release the level iron, lay a flexi-rod at your roots and quickly wrap the curl nearly the rod. bow the ends of the rod together consequently it stays at lay shut your scalp. Once full of your hair is cooled off, shift the rods and understand your longer-lasting style.
  • You can pains a although technique without flexi-rods. fair collapse the warm, freshly curled strand into a tiny coiled loop and pin it up shut your scalp. permit the pin-curls ought cool off ago letting them down.
  • With this technique, you don't shortage ought employ any hairspray.

4) cause finishing sprays and products ought a minimum. Many weaves will embrace a handsome curl because hours without any hairspray. fly using hairspray above knit hair, because also much manufacture will direct ought buildup. if you desire ought add a tiny additional shine, employ a lightweight finishing spray above your strands.
  • The sheen and stiffness of some hairsprays and gels will compose your knit emerge unnaturally shiny and stiff.
  • Dab a few amount of lightweight pomade onto the normal baby hairs nearly your forehead ought tame those once your knit is styled.
  • Avoid hair products with alcohol, because this will dry out your knit and normal hair.

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